Jennifer Flores

Jennifer Flores

IDEA Public Schools to Raise Salaries for All Teachers 

IDEA Public Schools is proud to announce that based on the recent school finance reform law passed during the 2019 Texas legislative session, all IDEA teachers in Texas will receive a $2,000 – $5,000 pay increase, effective this school year, and other critical staff groups including co-teachers, counselors, bus drivers, and custodians will receive pay raises as well. Additionally, IDEA Public Schools has allotted funds to hire additional coordinators at each campus, providing IDEA counselors with more time to continue their focus on social-emotional support, ensuring students can thrive inside and outside the classroom while on the road to and through college.  

“It is evident through the success of our scholars that our teachers are the tangible connection between our mission and our students,” said JoAnn Gama, IDEA Public Schools Co-Founder, President and Superintendent. “With the help of HB3, we are pleased to be able to give our teachers the raises we know they deserve.”  

House Bill 3 is a comprehensive school finance reform law that changes the way Independent School Districts (ISDs) and public charter districts in Texas are funded for the first time in over twenty years, providing an increase in funding for public education, including $4.5 billion in new money statewide. House Bill 3 increases the funding districts receive to provide a high-quality education for students, while investing additional resources for students with the greatest need.  

Along with the teacher pay raises, IDEA Public Schools is also using $3 million to make adjustments to 2019-20 pay for other current staff members across the network.   

IDEA Public Schools also plans to apply for the new Teacher Incentive Allotment created by House Bill 3 to recognize and reward highly effective teachers statewide. House Bill 3 allows districts to create a teacher evaluation system or use an existing differentiated system to identify their best teachers and apply for the new allotment.  

Six years ago, IDEA created the Teacher Career Pathway (TCP) to recognize, reward, and support the development of all IDEA teachers. The program synthesizes multiple components of a teacher’s performance in order to place him or her on a five-tier pathway.  

For teachers, the Teacher Career Pathway means that it is possible to choose to continue teaching without sacrificing the opportunities usually associated with a move out of the classroom. Like those who advance their careers in other fields, teachers who move up on TCP enjoy higher pay and opportunities to drive their own development. They experience recognition for their results and receive support to continue their impact by teaching. 

Each level on this pathway has its own set of supports, rewards, and recognitions, with our Grand Master Teachers receiving the ultimate reward of a $10,000 annual bonus. The program was developed as a result of extensive research, and feedback from IDEA’s Teacher Advisory Council. Now in its sixth year, the TCP continues to evolve, thanks to the candid and thoughtful feedback of IDEA teachers.  

We are excited to have the opportunity to recognize and reward IDEA teachers and staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication in service to our scholars every day. We look forward to an exciting and successful school year ahead!  

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