IDEA Public Schools’ Sensory Rooms Honor Autism Acceptance

Sensory rooms are being added to IDEA campuses throughout the organization with funding from TEA’s Innovative Services for Students with Autism Grant Award. The sensory rooms provide both a therapeutic and educational space for students with special needs and limited communication skills.  

The sensory room at IDEA Rio Grande City was made possible by a grant that funded supplies, setup, and consultation from Fusion Therapy, LLC for use of the space. The campus has become an exemplary model for sensory rooms across the organization.  

Upon entering the sensory room at IDEA Rio Grande City, the sound of tranquil music fills the room with an accompanying visualizer projected on screen. Students rotate through six different stations that include skill practice such as sequence of events, color recognition, number matching, alphabet learning, and more. At each station, students work with their teacher using a mix of games and motor skills activities to master each skill. Teachers use a variety of technology, such as the Augmentative and Alternative Communication device (AAC) for students that are nonverbal. Students use the AAC device to press the visual icon that suits their needs to help them communicate with their teachers and peers.  

IDEA Public Schools also received a third round of funding from TEA’s Innovative Services for Students with Autism Grant Award for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years. To request bringing a sensory room to your campus, contact Jessica Perez at  




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