IDEA Harlingen Celebrates Earth Day With Recycled Materials Art Contest

The IDEA Harlingen Hornets are rethinking ways to use recyclable materials for their first Earth Day Recycled Art Contest. The school-wide art contest, presented by the school’s Earth Club, promotes environmental sustainability and creativity by challenging students to create art made of 100% recyclable materials. 

For the growing campus of sixth and seventh-grade students, Earth Club has become a way to make friends and build community.  “Usually, kids won’t be in your class, but they’ll be in Earth Club,” says Zoe Correas. “As one of the largest clubs on campus, Earth Club is inspiring students to care for our communities and think differently about the products we use daily.” 

Eric Esquivel says, “Earth Club teaches me how multiple things can live by themselves and with each other. Not everything has to be manmade so if we recycle and plant more trees and plants, we can probably save some of the earth.” 

The winners for individual and group projects of the Earth Day Recycled Art Contest were announced for Earth Day 2022. Sixth-grade student Alexa Chavez placed first for her hornet-inspired sculpture titled Buzz, inspired by IDEA Harlingen mascot, Buzz the Hornet. Seventh-grader Elijah Maciel’s Sam the Robot constructed of tin cans placed second, and Ruben Valle’s meme-inspired Material Girl placed third. The winners for the group project category were Britany Olmos (6th) and Julissa Martinez (7th) for their flower arrangement in “pot” with assistance from RISE co-teacher Diana Zavala.  Congratulations to the finalists and all participants in this year’s Recycled Art Contest!

Buzz Alexa Chavez, first place
Sam the Robot, second place
Material Girl, third place




First Place, Group Project

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