Marco Carbajal

Marco Carbajal

IDEA Class of 2019 Achieves 100 Percent College Matriculation

It’s official!    

IDEA Public Schools is proud to announce that, in addition to 100 percent of the Class of 2019 gaining admission to college, 100 percent of graduates have matriculated to college. 

Additionally, 47 percent of students gained admission into the country’s top colleges, and one in five will be attending a Tier 1/Tier 2 college this fall. 

We are also excited to share that 752 graduates are first-generation college students.  Together, this class received more than $50 million in scholarships and grants, and more than 13,000 acceptances to colleges. Congratulations to our graduating Class of 2019! 

Since our first graduating class in 2007, IDEA has achieved a 100% college acceptance rate.    

“Achieving 100 percent college matriculation for the thirteenth graduating class is a huge accomplishment for IDEA Public Schools.  One that multiple people across the organization work hard to achieve every year,” said JoAnn Gama, IDEA Public Schools co-founder, president and superintendent. “This achievement could not have been possible without the dedication of our faculty, staff, families, and students.”   

IDEA strives to ensure all graduates find success in college, career and life.  We do this through a talented staff, innovative programs, and cultivating a college-going culture.     

Directors of College Counseling and College Counselors Spotlight   

IDEA Directors of College Counseling and College Counselors go above and beyond for IDEA students.  Here is a snapshot of how they help every IDEA scholar throughout their college preparatory career:  

  • Our college counselors work with students starting in the 6th grade.    

  • Our counselors believe that all students can get to and through college.   

  • Our counselors provide hands-on support during in the college application cycle.   

  • Our counselors have a focus on the best colleges and the right colleges for every student.     

  • Our counselors go the extra mile.  

  • Our counselors work with students even after they have left IDEA, ensuring they transition successfully into college and stay enrolled.  

Take Melanie Lejia, Director of College Counseling (DCC) at IDEA Carver, who just celebrated their inaugural class of graduating seniors all matriculating the college.  Melanie is elated for her students who matriculate into Tier 1 universities, with both admission and scholarships in hand.  But she is just as happy, if not more so, for her students who struggled and persisted through academic challenges and succeeded in admission to a college of their choice. 

“While a piece of my heart belongs to each and every one of my 2019 seniors, I feel my biggest successes and most rewarding moments were with my scholars who didn’t believe that college was for them in the beginning. Watching their faces light up as they told me they received their first acceptance to a four-year university and seeing them announce their college choice at College Signing Day made everything so real and so monumental. It was these exact moments that made me know that I am exactly where I should be and exactly where I want to be.” 

Melanie is just one example of how IDEA believes and lives up to “College For All.” 

IDEA’s expert staff partners with students and families every step of the way to ensure students are prepared for success and in college and life.  Learn more about IDEA or apply today!    

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