How to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

The school year may be over, but the IDEA Team & Family knows that learning never ends. We encourage all IDEA scholars to remain scholastically sharp by engaging in summer reading. Not only is it fun, but data shows that students who read during summer vacation are more likely to score higher on tests once school resumes.

To avoid the “Summer Slide”—the tendency for children to lose some of the academic gains they make during the previous school year—here are some suggested tips to encourage your IDEA scholar to turn the pages during their break.

  • Choose the right books. We suggest the “Goldilocks Effect”— don’t make it too easy or too hard. Instead, make it just right!
  • Explore new interest – Encourage your child to explore interesting topics they want to read about. Let them try different genres and formats— fiction, non-fiction, e-books, magazines, or whatever gets them going.
  • Read eBooks – You can find great eBooks to read using myON. Read anywhere at any time with myON on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. See login information below.
  • Set a summer reading goal – How many books can your child read this summer? Post and chart progress toward the goal. Have a friendly family competition with a special reward to show your kids that reading is also a priority for you.


Access these great programs over the summer by using Clever:

  • Accelerated Reader (AR) for 1st – 8th grade
  • myON for 1st – 8th grade
  • Dreambox for 1st – 5th grade
  • ST Math for 6th & 7th Grade


Texas Families can access the programs here:

Louisiana Families can access the programs here:



  1. Username:  Student ID #
  2. Password: date of birth (MMDDYYYY)


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