Grow, Flourish, and Thrive: Pre-K at IDEA Public Schools

At IDEA, we offer Pre-K at 29 of our campuses, and we’re growing!

Four years ago, IDEA launched its half-day Pre-K program at IDEA Pharr Academy.  The mission:  Place four-year-olds on the path to success in college and in life with a quality Pre-K program.

“We saw the data explode—kids were responding,” Dolores Gonzalez, IDEA’s Chief Program Officer, said about the pilot. “They were beginning to learn the building blocks of literacy at 4 years old.”


What makes Pre-K at IDEA special? 

Pre-K at IDEA is all about personalized learning.  Students learn in small groups, at the level and speed that is just right for them.  As our youngest scholars learn the fundamentals of reading, language, and mathematics, they’re also working on character development and the culture of becoming a diligent student.

See for yourself here!

An IDEA Pre-K classroom is a great place to learn and grow.  Our dedicated teachers track each student’s progress and match instruction to meet their specific needs.  Also, our students have fun learning as they start on the road to success in college and in life! Our approach is different – and it works!

·         Personalized Learning: Through small learning groups, every student learns at the level and speed just right for them.

·         Expert Teachers: IDEA’s teachers bring reading, math, language, and science expertise and an unwavering commitment to set each student on a path to success.

·         Family Partnership: At IDEA, school is family. Parents, teachers, and administrators work as a team to help each student reach their full potential.

At IDEA McAllen, Pre-K scholars take pride in their work!


“IDEA’s half-day Pre-K program is just right for my four-year-old daughter, Yaime,” said Mrs. Nino, a proud IDEA parent.  At four years old, students are just learning how to be a student— asking questions, absorbing instruction, and cooperating with others.  Our half-day program gradually increases the needed length of attention-span, so that, little-by-little, our Pre-K students develop the tools to engage with the material they’re exposed to, apply the knowledge they’ve acquired, and learn to work independently as they become ready for a full day of instruction as a Kindergartner.

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