Four Reasons Why Parents Love IDEA Public Schools

We are so grateful for your interest in IDEA Public Schools! We believe that each and every child can go to college. Since 2000, IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school with 150 students to the fastest-growing network of tuition-free, Pre-K-12 public charter schools in the United States. We currently serve over 66,000 students in 120 schools across Texas and Southern Louisiana. In 2021, we will also open our first two schools in Florida with the addition of IDEA Tampa Bay! 

Here are four reasons why parents have chosen IDEA Public Schools for their child’s academic journey: 

Families Come First 

We are strongest when we work together! We are committed to ensuring our students are learning and growing in a safe environment every day. Between enhanced health and safety protocols for in-person learning and robust virtual learning capabilities, we are doing everything we can to keep scholars engaged, challenged, and on track to get to and through college. 

College Prep Academic Model 

Through structured, challenging coursework, IDEA focuses on college preparation for all children. In October, we celebrated college matriculation as nearly 100% of our seniors attended college for the 14th straight year! The primary goal of our college-readiness efforts is for every student to enter their first year of college without the need for remedial courses in any content area. 

Through AP courses, college admissions officers see a consistent measure of course rigor across high schools, districts, states, and countries. All AP teachers, no matter where they’re teaching, must provide a curriculum that meets college standards. When admissions officers see “AP” on student’s transcripts, they have a good understanding of what those students experienced in a particular class and how well the course prepared the students for the increased challenges of college. 

We Are Open to All Students 

We are a tuition-free, public-school option and accept applications from all students, regardless of where they live, their academic standing, their income, and ability level. We do not turn students away for any of these reasons. Students are selected to attend IDEA through a random lottery processcreating an equal opportunity to be accepted into an IDEA school. 

Highly Trained and Experienced Teachers 

When COVID-19 forced distance learning across the country last spring, IDEA teachers rose to the occasion and maintained contact with nearly 100% of their students. We’re prepared to make even stronger connections – virtually or in person – as we continue to navigate and adapt to the academic changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ready to submit your application? Apply online today at! Still have more questions? You can email the team at or contact an enrollment coordinator for assistance.

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