Celebrating National School Choice Week

This week, IDEA Public Schools will join thousands of schools, districts and communities in recognition of National School Choice Week (NSCW). NSCW is an initiative created to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for children, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online learning, and homeschooling.

We believe that every child, regardless of race or income, should have access to a high-quality education. Across our regions, thousands of students are in need of a quality education and the achievement gap is starkly present. More educational choice and high-quality school options can help reverse this trend.

Throughout the week, IDEA will host and attend positive events that celebrate school choice options, while drawing attention to the need for even greater education opportunities for children.

“I value the opportunity I have to choose where I send my children to school,” said Katherine Baez, parent of Madison Baez at IDEA Monterrey Park. “Since she started attending IDEA in kindergarten, my daughter has grown to be more responsible, independent, and responsible. IDEA is the best fit for my family.”

“When JoAnn Gama and I started IDEA nearly 19 years ago in the Rio Grande Valley, we wanted to provide a free, quality education option for families to send their kids to in their neighborhood,” said Tom Torkelson, CEO of IDEA Public Schools. “National School Choice Week reminds parents that they have a fundamental right to choose where they want to send their kids to school, and we are proud to provide that option in the communities that might not have an additional opportunity otherwise.”


Information for families interested in applying to IDEA Public Schools:

  • To enter the lottery, you must submit a completed application before the deadline on Friday, February 15.
  • Applications can be completed online at ideapublicschools.org/apply.
  • Whenever IDEA Public Schools receives more applications than spots available, we must randomly select students to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to attend. A blind lottery will be held Saturday, February 16, 2019 to determine which students will fill spots available at each IDEA school.
  • When the capacity for each grade is reached, the remaining students’ applications are assigned a position on the waiting list in randomized order (only applications completed before the deadline participate in the lottery).

Currently, demand is high to attend IDEA Public Schools, so we encourage parents to submit their application before the deadline. Students who aren’t selected immediately are automatically placed on the waiting list, and spots may become available throughout the year.

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