Celebrating National Library Week

There is no doubt that IDEA’s AR Zones can be magical places capable of transporting us to faraway lands, a refuge to feed our curiosities and a reservoir of information to keep us growing as scholars.

There is no better time than now—National Library Week—to read a good book and take an AR test. Celebrate IDEA’s AR Zones and 105 facilitators (all over Texas and Louisiana) by making full use of our digital resources. We want all our scholars to become avid readers.

“IDEA’s AR Zone program nurtures students’ excitement about reading and natural curiosity about the world around them,” said Alisa Ozuna, Sr. Individualized Learning Manager ELA.  “Our students are encouraged to continue reading during this extended break so they can continue to grow a love and passion for reading that will result in students becoming life-long readers who are ready to take on the volume and rigor of reading at the college level.”

After schools switched to distance learning the American Library Association, which organizes this national campaign, had to tweak this year’s theme from “Find Your Place at the Library” to “Find the Library at Your Place.” You don’t have to leave your home to access your AR Zones. And you can do it in your pajamas!

We encourage our scholars to use myON, our eBook site with over 7,000 books available 24-hours a day with any internet enabled device. Make sure to use Renaissance AR software to take comprehension quizzes on books and eBooks you’ve read.  The AR software helps you track the number of words you’ve read and the accuracy of the quizzes you’ve taken. Keep reading so you can meet your reading goals, become a Word Master, or Royal Reader. To be a Royal Reader you must read 1 million words if you are in the 1st – 5th grade. If you are in 6-8th grade you need to read at least 2 million words to become a Royal Reader. You must also average quiz accuracy of at least 80 percent each school year.

You can also help us celebrate by following your campus’ Facebook page to find out more about how your AR Zones are celebrating National Library Week.  AR facilitators will also be utilizing TEAMS (the distance learning platform) to send daily messages and fun activities during the week. So be on the look out!

“Reading is entertaining and each time you read a book, you can be transported to a new place or time to fill your days with new adventures,” said Ozuna. “So open a book and start a new adventure today!”

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