Applying to IDEA: 3 Reasons The Lottery Matters

Next month at IDEA, we will hold our annual random lottery to ensure equal access for all student applicants.  Our lottery will be held February 16, 2019 at 9 a.m. CST.  For those families who have applied, and for potential families thinking about applying, here is why this event is important.


The lottery ensures every student has a fair chance to attend IDEA—no excuses. 

The new student selection process is done randomly to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to attend an IDEA school.  A student’s past academic and/or behavioral record play no part in how each child is selected.  There are NO admission requirements to attend an IDEA school.  We are open to all students, Pre-K through 12th grade.

The lottery marks an important cut off. 

After February 16, you may still apply to IDEA Public Schools, but your child will most likely be put on a waiting list, as we typically receive more applicants than available spots for next year.  After the lottery, we do accept students on an ongoing basis, as seats become available.

The lottery is an important step in the student and family onboarding process. 

If selected, students and families are then invited to visit their IDEA campus in the spring to officially register, meet teachers, principals, and peers, and become familiar with the IDEA culture.  Applying before the lottery ensures that, if selected, you have ample time to prepare your child for next year at IDEA Public Schools.  Plus, the events leading to the start of the next school year are tons of fun!

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