An IDEA Campus: An Inside Look

Walk the halls of an IDEA school and you’re greeted by teachers, principals, cafeteria managers, custodians, receptionists, and more of our campus staff who share a common belief—the scholars who learn within our walls are on a path to college.  At an IDEA school, we get students ready for college, so that when they graduate from IDEA, they’re truly ready to obtain that four-year degree.  We strive to ensure IDEA alumni graduate from college in four years because that degree will pave the way for success in a career and in life.

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Our scholars start on the road to college early. 

It all begins in Pre-K.  Walk into a Pre-K classroom and you will see two educators, working with students in small groups, building a foundation for mathematics, language, reading, and science.  In fact, more than 98% of IDEA’s Pre-K learners finished the year completing kindergarten math and language work!

Keep walking down the hall.  On the walls, perhaps you’ll read the “IDEA 55.” The IDEA 55 is a set of essential rules every IDEA student follows, such as: “If you win do not brag; if you lose do not show anger,” or “If you are asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return.”  These important lessons are woven into our culture of excellence from a young age.


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