10 Ways to Celebrate Graduation

We’re going to miss our in-person graduation ceremonies at IDEA this year, but that won’t stop us from holding virtual campus graduation events—from Austin, to San Antonio, to the Rio Grande Valley—to celebrate the amazing achievements of our stellar seniors and to wish them luck on the road to and through college.

In the meantime, in preparation for these virtual festivities, we wanted to share 10 more ideas for students and parents to celebrate high school graduation during these unprecedented times.

  1. Host a virtual graduation party

Invite all of your friends and family, put on that graduation gown, bust out the kazoos & confetti, and celebrate over the video-chat platform of your choice.

Photo: YouTube.com/SomeGoodNews

Okay, maybe the guest list for your party will not include Oprah and John Krasinski, but hey, you never know!

  1. Decorate your yard (or front door)

Parents—dust off the photo albums, find the scissors and glue, and decorate your front door with memories of your child’s successes throughout the years. Or, maybe you can craft/purchase some yard signs to show off your pride for your child’s achievements.

Photo: Amazon.com
  1. Make a music playlist

Nothing says ‘celebrate’ like music. Here’s a great tune to get you started on Spotify!

  1. Celebrate on social media

Post a screen shot of your virtual grad party on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page and be sure to tag IDEA. We want to see!

  1. Start keeping a journal

Seniors—we know what you’re thinking: maybe this isn’t exactly celebrating, but what better time to reflect and write than during this important time when you’re transitioning to college?

  1. Send a card

This is another great craft idea that you can send to all the loved ones you are missing right now!

Photo: Pinterest.com

Seniors, if you have a little sibling at home, maybe they can help you make some!

  1. Hold a parade

Communities around the country are hosting “driving parades,” where families around the neighborhood—from their yards, windows, and porches—applaud special individuals as they are chauffeured down the street. Or change it up and parade down the sidewalk in your graduation gowns?

  1. Make a graduation box time capsule

Seniors—we bet you have some artifacts from your high school career that you hold precious. Maybe a cross-country t-shirt, or one of your favorite essays that your teacher gave you a well-earned A on? Here’s an idea: compile a collection of trinkets and memories from your high school years and save them in a box and hide it away. Then, in 4 years, when you graduate from college, you can open up the time capsule and reminisce!

^This looks a little fancy and scientific. We suggest a shoebox. A shoebox will do.

  1. Recreate your favorite meal at home

Graduation is a time to celebrate with your family at a favorite restaurant. We know you can’t dine out right now, but why not have a feast at home? Perhaps you can recreate a favorite meal in your own kitchen? Check out one of these recipes from IDEA’s Healthy Kids Here cookbook. Sounds like tasty fun, and a great opportunity to share with IDEA on social media!

  1. Make/Buy a Diploma Frame

Parents—be sure to commemorate the achievements of your amazing scholar by framing their high school diploma. It is a special emblem of how hard they have worked. Maybe you can make or decorate a frame together using some scrap wood or cardboard and graduation tassel.

Photo: Pinterest.com

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