Health & Safety Information

We believe that the best and only way to successfully re-open school is through transparency and an intentional community effort. For this reason, we are publicly reporting all COVID-19 cases across the district. Please click here to view the latest data, updated weekly.

Health & Safety Protocols

Safety has always been important to us at IDEA Public Schools, but this year, it’s even more important. Please read the safety procedures and policies we’ll have in place below to ensure your scholar remains healthy while in our care.

Before students enter the building they will:

  • Arrive during an assigned, staggered drop-off time to avoid crowding. 
  • Wear a mask during the morning screening and transition procedure. If they don’t have one from home, IDEA will provide two cloth masks per student. 
  • Have their temperature checked by IDEA staff wearing a mask. 
  • Be asked to clean their hands before entering the building at a hand hygiene station. 
  • Walk to their classroom wearing a mask provided by IDEA or brought from home.
While in the classroom, students will: 
  • Wear a mask and have an assigned seat with a state-of-the-art plexiglass guard for safety. In fact: We believe IDEA will be among few school districts with this protective gear due to the incredibly high demand! 
  • Enjoy their classroom lessons and meals while not rotating. 
  • Be taught by passionate educators who will be wearing masks and leading the class through safety protocols.
  • Have multiple hand hygiene breaks built into their day.

While we seek to keep the learning experience as typical as possible, we are balancing the need for increased safety measures. In addition to the items noted above, IDEA’s classroom sizes will be limited to small groups in line with CDC guidelines to allow for proper social distancing.

Our schools are staffed with Registered Nurses and/or health support staff who have been thoroughly trained to protect each and every IDEA student.


The Health Services team provides basic first aid to students with minor injuries and illnesses. 

The clinic staff members tend to students’ medical needs, maintain student medical records, conduct state-mandated health screenings, and communicate regularly with parents and staff members. The clinic staff members will administer medications/ procedures to students with physician orders and parent consent forms when needed. 

State law requires students attending school to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.  You are encouraged to get your child vaccinated early to avoid the end-of-summer  vaccination  rush.  Getting your child vaccinated protects your child’s health and that of the community.  If necessary, please make an appointment to get your child vaccinated before the first day of school. Remember, students cannot attend school without the appropriate documentation for the required vaccines. 

Be sure your child is up to date on all immunizations. You can access the 2020-21 immunization form links below. 

Louisiana Immunization Requirements

K-12 2020-21 Vaccine Requirements 


The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) at IDEA Public Schools has adopted the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). This reduces burdens for both families and school administrators and helps ensure that students continue to receive nutritious meals. Through the CEP, we are able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all children, at qualified schools, and eliminates the collection of free and reduced meal (FARM) applications. At schools that do collect FARM applications, breakfast continues to be free for all.

This new approach reduces burdens for both families and school administrators and helps ensure that students receive nutritious meals. Learn if your child qualifies for a free school lunch for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Alamo
  • Brownsville
  • Donna
  • Edinburg
  • Elsa
  • Frontier
  • Los Encinos
  • McAllen
  • Mission
  • North Mission
  • Owassa
  • Pharr
  • Quest
  • Rio Grande City
  • Riverview
  • San Benito
  • San Juan Academy
  • San Juan College Prep
  • Toros
  • Tres Lagos
  • Weslaco
  • Weslaco Pike
  • Brackenridge
  • Burke
  • Carver
  • Eastside
  • Ewing Halsell
  • Ingram Hills
  • Judson
  • Mays
  • Monterrey Park
  • Harvey E. Najim
  • South Flores
  • Walzem
  • Montopolis
  • Bluff Springs
  • Health Professions
  • Kyle
  • Parmer Park
  • Pflugerville
  • Rundberg
  • Edgemere
  • Mesa Hills
  • Rio Vista
  • Bridge
  • Innovation
  • Oscar Dunn

If your campus is not on this list, we ask that you please complete the free-and-reduced-lunch (FARM) application online beginning July 1, 2020 at htts://, or fill out the proper form and drop it off at your campus before the first day of school. All applications—online or in person—should be filled out before the first day of school. 

For questions regarding CEP and FARM, please contact your campus and speak to the Cafeteria Manager.

ATTENTION IDEA Parents & Guardians: IDEA Public Schools will continue to provide meals to all students via curbside meals. Parents can pick up breakfast and lunch in bundles for multiple days:

On Mondays, parents can pick up meals for Monday and Tuesday

On Wednesdays, parents can pick up meals for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

If you miss a Monday or Wednesday, don’t worry—we will still be providing meal pick up service on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. All meals are served cold (for food safety) and will include heating instructions so your child can enjoy them later.

Meal pick-up times include Monday and Wednesday: 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., and 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.; and Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Meals can be picked up at your closest IDEA campus. Just simply hold up your child’s IDEA student ID (preferred) or place by the front windshield as you pull up. Although an IDEA student ID badge is preferable, you may also show IDEA enrollment communications (examples include mailed letters or electronic registration confirmation, classroom assignments) as well. Click here for more information. 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


At IDEA Public Schools, the journey to and from school is an extension of classroom learning. To help us provide a safe and pleasant bus ride experience for your children, please follow the two steps below to ensure the accuracy of your child’s transportation information:

“Here Comes The Bus” Application

When your children scans their bus pass, this application allows you to see, in real time, where your child’s bus is and when and where your child got on or off. This easy-to-use technology is free, simply download the “Here Comes the Bus” application on your smartphone, create a secure account, add your children, and you’re all set!

IDEA’s school code for Texas is: 83127

IDEA’s school code for Louisiana is: 87857

Campus Transportation Pages

IDEA Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of your child to and from school. Our parents and families play an important role in helping us make this happen. We ask that you click the link below and carefully review all of the information on this page. Please contact your Campus Transportation Manager if you have any questions regarding our transportation services.

Transportation Page

Updated Safety Measures For Transportation

IDEA bus drivers will use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and splash guards when loading and unloading students. Once students are seated and the driver is ready to depart, he/she will take off the splash guard, but continue to wear the mask while driving. Students are required to wear masks before pick-up, during the bus ride and after arriving at campus.

As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), strict procedures for cleaning and disinfecting school buses will be implemented by IDEA’s transportation team. The new guidelines call for cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic surfaces using approved disinfectants before and after every bus route. High-traffic surface areas include bus entrance doors, handrails, seats, back seat rests, and windows.

Parents are also expected to following CDC guidelines while waiting for the school bus to arrive. This includes wearing a mask and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. Parents are required to wait until their child has entered the bus before leaving the bus stop.

1. Maintain social distancing as students approach the bus.

2. As students approach the bus, the bus driver will take the temperature of each student. If the student has a temperature of 100.4 F or greater, he or she will not be allowed to board the bus. This also will pertain to siblings riding together. If one sibling has high temperature, all other siblings will not be allowed to ride the bus.

3. Students will be directed to a specific seat in the bus that aligns with IDEA’s Transportation Safety Guidelines.

4. All students are encouraged to apply hand sanitizer before taking a seat via dispensers available on each bus. Students will be required to scan their Bus ID Card as before to account for their ridership.

5. To keep social distancing while inside the bus, each bus seat is marked with a red or green decal. Red decal markings are seats where no students are permitted, while green decal markings are designated for students.

As the bus approaches the bus stop, parents should practice social distancing and maintain a 6 foot distance from all persons while waiting for their child(ren). As the bus stops, the bus driver will direct students to stand and walk toward the exit while maintaining a 6-foot distance in orderly fashion. As students exit the bus, they are encouraged to use hand sanitizer.

The following regions will be offering transportation for the 2020 – 21 school year:

  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Southern Louisiana
  • Greater Houston
  • Austin (IDEA Montopolis ONLY)
  • IDEA Travis will have transportation in partnership with Midland ISD

COVID-19 Reporting

*Date last updated 9/17/20

RegionStaff Students Total Reportable Cases by Region
El Paso 101
Permian Basin000
San Antonio505

COVID-19 Reporting FAQ

Ensuring the health and safety of our Team & Family is a top priority at IDEA Public Schools, and we believe it is best to operate with an abundance of caution and transparency at this time. This is a chart of the number of positive cases of COVID-19 among students and staff who have been on campus for a specific week. You can search for a specific region, sort within each column, and access data for specific weeks. We report this information to the TEA on a weekly basis; they are monitoring the number of positive cases across school districts in Texas and update the information on the Texas Department of Health and Human Services website.

If there is a positive student or staff case on campus, all staff and families are notified of the positive case through Remind and a digital letter. We will inform families of the next steps that we are taking to protect others in the building from potential spread. Upon learning of a positive diagnosis, we work closely with the local health department in the decision-making process and the contact tracing process. Additionally, we take a quick assessment of which rooms and areas the individual was in within the last 24 hours and thoroughly clean and disinfect those areas.


Depending on the case investigation and guidance from the local health department, we may close down specific room(s) and area(s) in which the individual was on campus for a specific time, dismiss all students and staff early, or close the entire building to disinfect the entire building thoroughly. Finally, based on the contact tracing process and consultation with the local health department, we may inform additional staff members and families that they need to quarantine for 14 days as recommended by the local health department. Due to HIPAA considerations, we are cannot share more details about the individual’s diagnosis, but rest assured we are taking the proper steps to protect our students and staff from any potential spread.

For any positive case, we work closely with the local health department and we take the proper and recommended steps to protect our students and staff from any potential spread. You can use the resources that we have created to determine if you want your scholar to attend school on-site or in a remote environment. Families can use SchoolCap to directly and transparently view how many people are in their scholar’s school at all times. Remember, it takes a community to keep us all protected. Each parent or guardian can log into SchoolCap to select if their student is or isn’t coming to a physical school location so that after our staff experts verify these numbers,  families will have clear insight into what percentage capacity the school is. It only takes 30 seconds to put your scholar’s choice into SchoolCap. SchoolCap presents the region’s recommended building capacity based on IDEA’s School Reopening Phases and Protocols.

It takes a community and collective effort to protect each other. We all play a role in keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and our Team & Family safe. This means that all of us must follow the expert-recommended health and safety protocols:

  • Monitor your health daily and stay alert for symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Stay home if you are sick and follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and self-quarantine.
  • Wear a mask—covering your nose and mouth—at all times.
  • Practice proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds frequently.
  • Maintain 6-feet of physical distance between others who are not in your household.  
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick or anyone outside your immediate household. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid and limit being exposed the virus.
  • Use recommended resources like the CDC’s Coronavirus Self-Checker to determine when to seek testing or medical care.
  • Immediately contact the school if you are awaiting test results or receive a lab-confirmed positive test result, or if you have been in close contact with someone who is awaiting results or is a positive case. It is important for the communication among all of us to be transparent and informative.

You can access our most up-to-date information and resources, our health and safety protocols, and links to the CDC and state health departments on our website at as well as our school re-opening website at