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IDEA Families – We’ve compiled all of our back to school information here to ensure you have everything you need for the 2020-2021 school year.

As students return to school in August, IDEA families will have the option to either receive instruction online only or participate in in-person instruction, as specified by the campus. What will you choose? Click here to take our Back to School survey. 

IDEA Southern Louisiana parents, please check back for specific updates in the weeks to come.

Read our FAQ about the first week of School at IDEA!



Campuses are working further with families to determine needs and tailored options and will communicate plans for daily schedule offerings in July. Thank you for taking a few moments to share more about your preferences for your child.

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As we prepare our scholars for the workforce of the future, and next year’s hybrid learning model, IDEA Public Schools is thrilled to announce that we are strengthening our commitment to support students on the path to and through college by providing personal technology devices to all scholars enrolled at IDEA Pre-K through 12.

Grades Pre-K – Kinder
Chromebook tablet with case and stylus pen

Grades 1st – 8th

Grades 9th – 12th
Dell Latitude Windows Laptop

Whether you choose to send your child to school physically or you choose to engage in online learning, this new technology device will help facilitate your learning experience.

In addition to supplementing classroom instruction, students will have access to all of IDEA’s learning software with ease. We encourage all families to have their student(s) read for at least 60 minutes each day and keep those math skills as sharp as possible! Students grade 1st through 7th may access free books online and students grade 1st through 5th can use Dreambox to promote active learning and independent critical thinking. Students may access via Clever using the login info below:

Texas Clever Site:
Username: Student ID #
Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY) 



We recognize the importance of keeping our families informed about events and activities on campus. You can access the 2020-2021 academic calendar for your region below.

If you have any questions about any of the events or activities, please contact your campus directly.

2020 – 2021


Baton Rouge


El Paso

Greater Houston

New Orleans

Permian Basin

Rio Grande Valley

San Antonio

Tarrant County  


It’s almost the First Day of School and to make sure you’re ready to take your annual first day of school photograph, we’ve created printables for your use!

All you need to do is print the grade level your child is entering this year and snap your photo! We encourage you to share your photos on social media on your child’s first day, with the hashtag #IDEABack2School.

We look forward to seeing thousands of photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Pre-Kinder | Kindergarten | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade

3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade | 6th Grade

7th Grade | 8th Grade | 9th Grade | 10th Grade

11th Grade | 12th Grade



Safety has always been important to us at IDEA Public Schools, but this year, it’s even more important. Please read the safety procedures and policies we’ll have in place below to ensure your scholar remains healthy while in our care. 

Before students enter the building they will:

  • Arrive during an assigned, staggered drop-off time to avoid crowding. 
  • Wear a mask during the morning screening and transition procedure. If they don’t have one from home, IDEA will provide two cloth masks per student. 
  • Have their temperature checked by IDEA staff wearing a mask. 
  • Be asked to clean their hands before entering the building at a hand hygiene station. 
  • Walk to their classroom wearing a mask provided by IDEA or brought from home.
While in the classroom, students will: 
  • Have an assigned seat with a state-of-the-art plexiglass guard for safety. In fact: We believe IDEA will be among few school districts with this protective gear due to the incredibly high demand! 
  • Enjoy their classroom lessons and meals while not rotating. 
  • Be taught by passionate educators who will wear masks during 1:1 conversations, but not during whole group instruction. 
  • Have multiple hand hygiene breaks built into their day

While we seek to keep the learning experience as typical as possible, we are balancing the need for increased safety measures. In addition to the items noted above, IDEA’s classroom sizes will be limited to small groups in line with CDC guidelines to allow for proper social distancing.

Our schools are staffed with Registered Nurses and/or health support staff who have been thoroughly trained to protect each and every IDEA student.

Special Education

Information to be updated soon.


The Health Services team provides basic first aid to students with minor injuries and illnesses. 

The clinic staff members tend to students’ medical needs, maintain student medical records, conduct state-mandated health screenings, and communicate regularly with parents and staff members. The clinic staff members will administer medications/ procedures to students with physician orders and parent consent forms when needed. 

State law requires students attending school to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.  You are encouraged to get your child vaccinated early to avoid the end-of-summer  vaccination  rush.  Getting your child vaccinated protects your child’s health and that of the community.  If necessary, please make an appointment to get your child vaccinated before the first day of school. Remembers, students cannot attend school without the appropriate documentation for the required vaccines. 

Be sure your child is up to date on all immunizations. You can access the 2020-21 immunization form links below. 

Texas Immunization Requirements

Pre-K 2020-21 Vaccine Requirements  

K-12 2020-21 Vaccine Requirements 

Louisiana Immunization Requirements

K-12 2020-21 Vaccine Requirements 



The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) at IDEA Public Schools has adopted the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). This reduces burdens for both families and school administrators and helps ensure that students continue to receive nutritious meals. Through the CEP, we are able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all children, at qualified schools, and eliminates the collection of free and reduced meal (FARM) applications. At schools that do collect FARM applications, breakfast continues to be free for all.

This new approach reduces burdens for both families and school administrators and helps ensure that students receive nutritious meals. Learn if your child qualifies for a free school lunch for the 2020-2021 school year.



Alamo | Brownsville | Donna | Edinburg | Elsa | Frontier | Los Encinos | McAllen | Mission | North Mission | Owassa | Pharr | Quest | Rio Grande City | Riverview | San Benito | San Juan Academy | San Juan College Prep |Toros | Tres Lagos | Weslaco | Weslaco Pike


Brackenridge | Burke | Carver | Eastside | Ewing Halsell | Ingram Hills | Judson | Mays | Monterrey Park | Harvey E. Najim | South Flores | Walzem


Montopolis | Bluff Springs | Health Professions | Kyle | Parmer Park | Pflugerville | Rundberg


Edgemere | Mesa Hills | Rio Vista


Bridge | Innovation | Oscar Dunn

If your campus is not on this list, we ask that you please complete the free-and-reduced-lunch (FARM) application online beginning July 1, 2020 at htts://, or fill out the proper form and drop it off at your campus before the first day of school. All applications—online or in person—should be filled out before the first day of school. 

For questions regarding CEP and FARM, please contact your campus and speak to the Cafeteria Manager.



We know the decision to send your child to school this year is a difficult one. We’re taking safety seriously. But, we also want to paint a picture of what the day could look like for your scholar should you choose to send them back in person. Take a look at this sample Kinder schedule:


7:30 AM Arrival, Health Check, Breakfast in the Classroom

8:30 AM Reading

11:00 AM Math

12:00 PM Hand Hygiene Break, Lunch in the Classroom

12:30 PM Recess*** and Hand Hygiene Break

1:00 PM Additional Personalized Reading and Math Time

2:30 PM Science

3:30 PM Hand Hygiene Break, Dismissal

*Schedules will vary by school and by grade. This is one example of a possibility.


Below you will find school supplies lists, organized by campus. Lists will be posted here as they are provided by each campus, so be sure to check back soon if you don’t see your list yet! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your campus for any questions or concerns you may have.


Alamo | Brownsville | Donna | Edinburg| Elsa | Frontier | HarlingenLos Encinos | McAllen | Mission | North Mission | Owassa | Palmview |  Pharr | Quest | Rio Grande City | Riverview | Robindale | San Benito | San Juan | Sports Park | Toros | Tres Lagos | Weslaco | Weslaco Pike


Brackenridge | Burke  | Carver | Converse | Eastside | Ewing Halsell | Ingram Hills | Judson | Mays | Monterrey Park (College Prep) | Harvey E. Najim | Hidden Meadow | South Flores | Walzem


Montopolis | Bluff Springs | Health Professions | Kyle | Pflugerville | Round Rock Tech | Rundberg


Edgemere | Horizon Vista | Mesa Hills (Academy) | Rio Vista


Bridge | Innovation | Oscar Dunn


Achieve| Edgecliff | Rise


Hardy | Spears  





At IDEA Public Schools, the journey to and from school is an extension of classroom learning. To help us provide a safe and pleasant bus ride experience for your children, please follow the two steps below to ensure the accuracy of your child’s transportation information:


“Here Comes The Bus” Application

When your children scans their bus pass, this application allows you to see, in real time, where your child’s bus is and when and where your child got on or off. This easy-to-use technology is free, simply download the “Here Comes the Bus” application on your smartphone, create a secure account, add your children, and you’re all set!

IDEA’s school code for Texas is: 83127

IDEA’s school code for Louisiana is: 87857


Campus Transportation Pages

IDEA Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of your child to and from school. Our parents and families play an important role in helping us make this happen. We ask that you click the link below and carefully review all of the information on this page. Please contact your Campus Transportation Manager if you have any questions regarding our transportation services.

Transportation Page



Professional, color-coded school uniforms help students focus on what matters most at school—learning!

We believe that school uniforms have a beneficial impact on students’ self-esteem, attendance, graduation rates, and discipline. Uniforms eliminate unnecessary distractions (such as who has the coolest tennis shoes), and ensure students’ focus remains on academic success. Uniforms are an important part of the IDEA culture.

Click on your scholars’ region and download the uniform guide to learn more about what your scholar should be wearing to school and where to purchase it:

Austin Uniform Guide

 El Paso Uniform Guide

 Rio Grande Valley Uniform Guide

 San Antonio Uniform Guide

 Tarrant County Uniform Guide

 Southern Louisiana Uniform Guide

 Permian Basin Uniform Guide

 Greater Houston Uniform Guide


IDEA scholars who are engaged in distance learning and attending school online should wear their branded IDEA polo shirt Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, scholars may wear a t-shirt with the college of their choice.



Learn how your campus will keep in contact with you throughout the school year

Effective and consistent communication is important so that you are well-informed of campus and national news. Below is information on one of our most frequently used communications channels.



Remind is a free phone app that IDEA uses to ensure consistent two-way, meaningful communication with our IDEA families. We suggest downloading the app before the first day of school so that you’re ready to receive any important messages.

Watch this helpful video about how to use Remind!

Welcome to Remind (Link Coming Soon)


Parent Weekly

IDEA Public Schools is committed to keeping our parents up to date regarding important announcements, activities, and events on their children’s campuses. The Parent Weekly is one of the key communications vehicles we use to accomplish this goal.

Your campus will provide you a Parent Weekly once the 2020-21 school year begins! Please be sure to read it each week and contact your campus with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have on the newsletter content.


Social Media

Follow us on social media! To remain up-to-date on IDEA’s latest and greatest news, we encourage you to follow us on our national Facebook and Instagram pages. We also encourage you to follow your campus’ Facebook for specific campus related news and highlights.


Glossary of Terms

To help our IDEA families to get more comfortable with the IDEA culture and our frequently used terms, we have created this IDEA Glossary of Terms sheet! In no time, you will be using these terms on your campus and with your scholar!

Glossary of Terms


Team & Family:

The Back to School survey deadline that had been communicated has been extended. Please continue to take the survey as needed. Also, please look out for additional communications from your campus regarding the survey later this summer. Thank you.