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Bright Louisiana Beginnings

Fall of 2018 marks an important transition here at IDEA. Why? It’s the first time we’ll open schools outside of the state of Texas. That’s right! IDEA Public Schools will be opening its doors in Southern Louisiana for 1,000 students in grades K-2 and 6 at IDEA Innovation and grades K-3 and 6 at IDEA Bridge, all of whom will begin their journey on the road to success in college and in life. In just a few ...

IDEA Teacher Spotlight: Megan Burnham

Megan Burnham is currently a Special Education teacher at IDEA Mays College Preparatory. Originally from New York, Megan found herself on a path to law school, but after spending time in Northern Ireland, found herself with a calling to assist students in underserved communities.“I’m just very happy to be working here at IDEA,” Megan said. “I’m very blessed especially that I ended up here at IDEA Mays – I love our staff and our team...

The Teacher Career Pathway: What You Can Gain from Joining IDEA Public Schools

The Teacher Career Pathway is a differentiated reward, recognition, and retention program for teachers at IDEA Public Schools.   

By offering many incentive options, the Teacher Career Pathway avoids being a one-size-fits-all reward program. In this way, each individual teacher can more effectively be recognized as they progress along the different levels of the TCP. The menu of incentives is built around four factors:

1.       Influence (Your voice in our Team & Family aro...