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Show and Tell: IDEA Pre-K Students’ Favorite Thing About School

Sofia De La Cruz, a proud Pre-K student at IDEA Brackenridge Academy, is so glad you’re here to check out IMPACT Magazine Student Takeover bonus material!  If you haven’t yet, go read pages 12-15 of our latest issue to learn more about our stellar Pre-K scholars’ work and the program they love.

In the magazine, we asked students at IDEA Academy McAllen to explain what their favorite part of Pre-K is, th...

Student Creative Exhibition Extended

Can’t get enough of IDEA student creative work?  Fear not.  We’ve compiled even more amazing poetry and artwork from our scholars.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our featured artists and writers on page 48 of IMPACT Magazine Student Takeover!      


By Imani Sullivan, 9th grader at IDEA College Preparatory Mission

You were once beautiful

I could get lost in your deep blue color f...

A Conversation with Frankie Mendoza, IDEA Bluff Springs College Preparatory Teacher: Restorative Circles

Welcome.  If you’ve come here, you’ve probably read “Restorative Circles,” in IMPACT Magazine’s Student Takeover!  If not, be sure to check it out on page 40 of our newest issue. 

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into Restorative Justice Circles.   

We sat down with Frankie Mendoza, IDEA Bluff Springs College Preparatory teacher, to talk about the practice he started with his scholars, and why it’s paying off.