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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions for IDEA Health Professions

Why a focus on Health Professions?

Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any other group in the United States: 2.4 million in the next eight years. In Austin the population is booming, and the health care industry is primed to explode. IDEA Health Professions will cultivate students' compassionate hearts for service, expose them to possible careers in a vast range of medical professions, and provide a world-class education that will prepare students for college and beyond. 

What will you offer beyond Health Professions?

We understand that students have a wide variety of interests, dreams, and future plans. The foundational skills developed through our K-12 model will give students an open door to pursue many different career fields. IDEA Health Professions will give students an opportunity to earn a strong foundation in rigorous Math, Science, and English Language Arts courses that can be applied in many career settings and will make students competitive in entering a variety of undergraduate and graduate school paths.

Why diverse by design?

According to The Century Foundation, decades of research suggests one of the best principles for creating successful society is racial and socio-economic integration in K-12 schools. Students in diverse schools have higher average test scores, and the experience of learning in integrated experiences helps to reduce racial bias. It increases creativity, motivation, deeper learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills for all students. Integration improves outcomes for all kids and creates a community that looks the way we want to society to look.