Student Creative Exhibition Extended

Can’t get enough of IDEA student creative work?  Fear not.  We’ve compiled even more amazing poetry and artwork from our scholars.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our featured artists and writers on page 48 of IMPACT Magazine Student Takeover!      


By Imani Sullivan, 9th grader at IDEA College Preparatory Mission

You were once beautiful

I could get lost in your deep blue color for hours.

You wrapped around me like a cool blue blanket.

I loved the way that you were the mother of the animals who lived within you

but now

all I see is brown

your once blue tides turned brown

due to


and your children started to die.

One by one they floated to the surface

Eyes glossy

Your waves became coming in and out like sobs

Crying for your children.

Crying for the beauty you once had.

When I see you, the current in my chest swells remembering the old you.


there may be hope.


your beauty may be restored again.

There is always hope,

don’t be impatient.

Your time will come.

But for now,

We wait.


My ocean. 


“You Believe in Me”

By Rachel L Pena, 5th grader at IDEA Academy San Juan

I truly love math,

I even practice it in the bath,

It’s taking me on a really crazy path,

But only next to my friend’s laugh,

You truly care for me,

Oh, how that made me say, “Yippee,”

You gave me so much knowledge,

Now I truly feel I can go to

The following is a collection of student artwork compiled by IDEA College Preparatory Donna art teacher, Audrey Cisneros.  Beautiful work, Titans! 

Aaron Garza, 12th grade


Mia Villarreal, 9th grade


Myriam Moreno, 12th grade


Catherine Domite, 12th grade 


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